Build Your Child, as You Would Your Home

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

"The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down" (Proverbs 14:1).

It is with a full heart that I share this message as the Lord has so patiently been training me up in the form to which I write to you, today. One of the most powerful messages I can give is about to be written within this blog of a new found revelation. This revelation is one that pertains to how God has begun to show me just how I am to raise up my child in the eyes of His provisional sacrifice.

Let me first start by saying that being a mother is one of the most difficult, yet least appreciated jobs in the world and nevertheless I find it to be the most rewarding. I have accomplished many things in my 26 years of life that should provide optimal gratitude, and even still it is in advanced proficiency rewards on spelling test and math assessments that I find the most happiness. The reason for this new found happiness is due to the exact revelation that God has provided me with. He has revealed to me that raising a child is never about that one significant moment of parental satisfaction but it is in the journey toward completion that we should find gratitude.

What I hear God saying in this message is that like a home, we are never done building, restructuring, or even edifying the life of our child. In a home, we never stop renovating our rooms. We never stop changing and alternating the seasons of decorative statements. And we never ever give up on our homes and simply say, I guess I will begin to tear it down as a result of unsatisfying decorum. It is actually the exact opposite. We build our homes, year after year, color scheme after color scheme, and change decoration after decoration. We alternate between Pinterest ideas and Ideal Home Magazine themes. We even add-on or reduce for the sake of trying to create a level of home decor perfection, from modern living to southern coastal. We finance month to month and even save money for the perfect piece of furniture to fit in the final square foot toward completion.

Now, that is what God says that parenting is to be like.

Instead of being so tired of speaking over and over and repeating the same discipline tactic resulting in unresolved behavioral issues...or limiting quality time to that of a daily routine for personal seclusion...or even quieting the gifts of the child for the elevation of self-care. God is saying to keep building. His word to me was that we are to try every form of love practice that we can until we have formulated a daily space of peaceful decorum and structured purpose in our homes. God revealed to me that, just in the same way that I spot cleaned my entire home on the day-to-day, with evening dish-washes, and weekly laundry cleaning; I was to also pursue the moments of general conversation and specified times of nurturing within my mother-daughter relationship. He told me that it wasn’t just about her but about her well-being, her mind, her INSIDE and her OUTSIDE, because she had a purpose. A purpose that if left unformed and quietly observed, it could dry rot like the walls of a home with a fungus that infects the timbers of a building. See, because a fungus like this could only flourish in a slightly wet, unvented space, in an area that is rarely seen.

Rarely Seen. This is where God wants to reveal to us the areas in our children that we have lacked to notice…the places we avoid due to long work days…or personal solitude…or simply out of ignorance to the possibility of unforeseen damages. Just a little word for those who don’t know what I mean. I was sexually molested at the age of 12, coincidentally being the same year that I lost my virginity, and yet my mother was not advised until I was 25 years old. This is not what raising a child should be.

God wants us to make sure that we leave no space uncleaned, and no room unfurnished. God is saying to you and me, that we are to revisit the seasons of our children’s lives just as we would the shoes in our closet. He wants us to understand that there is no perfect moment of parenting, but yet there are moments in our journey that we have to go back, rebuild, and restructure for the stability of our child. To never get so tired, that we tear them down indirectly as a result of lacking the correct groundwork. God is saying that in the same way that we build our home, our child should stand tall – fully furnished with love – on a solid ground of supportive foundation. I share this revelation with you as you begin to ensure that your child may stand on solid ground.

Be blessed,


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