Take Off Now or Stay Stranded Forever

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).

So, listen right, usually my blogs are super spiritual and long winded about a revelation that God has provided me. And even today, you can say that it is a bit spiritual. But, really I just want to encourage someone else in the same way that I have found encouragement in recent bloggers, new entrepreneurs, and friends of aspiring endeavors. A lot has changed in the last 12 days for me. I know people say “yeah right, you will still be the same person that you were last year”, but really, New Year, New Me. Okay that is corny, so I will just say, New Year, New Mindset.

What Changed?

So over the last 7 years of being saved, God has provided me with many visions of what my life would come to be. Many I have doubted and some I have chased but fell short due to personal distractions (i.e. relationships, career, etc.). But honestly, I now have the ambition and tenacity to begin to push through. And yes, I kind of always chased the vision of God’s will for me…but only on my terms. But this time it sounds different in my head. It’s like my mindset has become more focused on what if I lose it and what will my children think of me? I share this thought because for a while, much of my inability to chase the vision was due to limited mentorship. I always said that I did not have a great role model or the proper resources growing up, and much of that I blamed on my mom. She kind of just gave up on life. I was so disappointed in her, and even now I question her ambitions. I know that she is not happy, and although I cannot work God’s will for her life, I often wonder if she will ever hop back on board with Him. I remember being like ten or eleven years old, and seeing her attempt to pursue her GED. She also loved interior decorating, which many had complimented her on. And for as long as I can remember, we both shared the passion of writing. But in all of that, she never actually completed the task(s) listed above or even attempted to push through the many obstacles that prevented her from such. And just to throw in a bit of God’s revelation, His word clearly says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”, and let’s just say she’s been known to be a bit bitter on top of having many physical illnesses. I can also see this scripture being very real, both emotionally and mentally. God is so literal with His word. Even with all of that, for a while, what I saw modeled before me became my exact lifestyle. But after watching years go by with little change, I knew that this mindset would not get me anywhere or help me obtain anything, simply based off of watching my mother’s life. That’s what changed.

No More Excuses!

What I learned from my limited circumstances, was that I had to be for myself and not against myself…that I had to identify my new identity in God and begin to equip MYSELF. I could no longer count myself out and I could not blame my mother for my inability to push through my personal turmoil. Because then, like her, I would pass the same curse down to my daughter – thus resulting in her inability to push through and pursue her purpose. And I knew I wanted her to be able take flight in any situation that she was in. But I knew that in order for that to happen, she had to become inspired. And more times than none, the first person to impact a child, is the primary parent. I wanted her to be proud of me and not only that, but I wanted to be proud of myself. I wanted to find another way. I could no longer allow those distractions to throw me out of alignment. I wanted to create a way to pursue the will that God had for my life, even having limited support and resources, for my goals. I knew that God would release all that was necessary to help promote my identity. And I knew that He was all that I needed to take flight.

Skip Validation, Work for Victory

The last thing that really hit it home for me was the fact that I now knew all of these things above. No excuses, new mindset, but I still was a little hesitant about how to move, even with my new mindset. It was like the pin was to the paper, I had the inspiration, but no ink would come out. At this point, I still had no resources and no support but I had God and I had purpose. Now this is where God really put me to the task. He revealed to me that validation did not equate to victory. And that even when I am doing the right thing and holding steadfast to His will, there will be those who cannot handle my purpose. The point was that if I did not begin to fly on the dream journey that He provided, then I would never take off. He revealed that I did not need additional funds, fades, or even family support because He would use my past to propel me into the future. He said that when He begins to elevate you, people won’t know how to take it…that the authority that God will provide you will make you less accessible to others. I recognized that it was time to leave an unauthorized impression on this earth, whether people liked it or not. I had to realize that none of the things I would worry about on the day-to-day really even mattered. Again, it was simple, I needed Him and Him only to take off…otherwise He would never be enough and I would never become.

This message is to inspire you all to take off, whether you have content, a camera, a website, or even a word. Take off, with nothing but Him. You don’t ever want to look back and say, what if because remember, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. I want life for you, but you have to want it for yourself. You have to rebuild on a solid foundation of Him and Him alone and He will propel you to a place where you have never been before. So, no the new year does not make for a new you, but you should have, by now cleared your head of past clutter, searched for new mental stimulation in His word, and began working on some vested interest. It is building time! Do not miss out because you are afraid to take off.

Be blessed,


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